REM Engineering Services
REM Engineering Services, PLLC, is an SBA 8(a) Certified small and disadvantaged business and a participant in the SBA 8(a) Mentor-Protege Program. REM Engineering is a small business contractor with big business capabilities, resources, and experience that ensures high quality performance.

REM Engineering is awarded a Federal Supply Schedule Contract.

REM has been awarded contract GS-10F-0242T, effective May 10, 2007. This GSA contract was awarded under the Professional Engineering Services FCXB-B2-990001-B. To inquiry about the contract or REMís services, please call 304-598-0882.

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Markets Served

  • Energy R&D
  • Power
  • Environmental Solutions
  • Information Technologies
REM Engineering's senior management has over 18 years of energy R&D experience. Through strategic partnerships and past contract performance, REM Engineering is able to offer a unique combination of experience and capabilities that span a broad range of technologies and focus areas.

REM Engineering's dedication to quality integrated safety management and health protection ensures the timely and cost-effective completion of all engineering support services.

Recent Newsroom
REM is designing a high speed programmable tri-chromatic solid state strobed flash.
REM presents paper on a new method of determining CFB gas velocities and turbulence intensity by employing a helium tracer gas.
REM is designing a high speed digital camera system to analyze particle motion in a circulating fluidized bed.
REM is awarded GSA PES SINS Contracts 871-3, 871-4.
REM launches new distillation laboratory at satellite facility.
REM performed evaluation of NETL procedure for compliance with OSHA.
REM designs and proves an innovative depth measurement sensor for solid particles in a CFB.
REM builds in house UNIX workstation with EDA software for advanced electronic design, simulation, and custom circuit board CAD.
REM advances research on catalyst development for liquid fuel processing.
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