REM Engineering Services

REM Engineering Servicesí goal is to provide complete engineering assistance to each one of our clients from conception to solution. REM has a proven history of success that comes from over 20 years experience in process layout and instrumentation development.

Design of gas sampling probe to extract products of combustion from a porous media burner. Chemical reactions are rapidly quenched within the probe by a secondary water flow. This was done to ensure that the species concentrations detected downstream by gas analyzers reflects the species concentrations in the sampling environment.
REM engineers have extensive experience with process and machine instrumentation. From sensor specification and selection to visual data display, weather large or small scale, the client is presented with a number of possible solution choices. For medium to large instrumentation projects, LabVIEW or DATAQ software is used to provide computer based virtual instrumentation user interfaces with networked control and datalogging capability. For small to medium instrumentation projects, custom hardware is designed to provide an ergonomic and durable solution. Analog signal conditioning and digital signal filtering is the key to every instrumentation system and REM personnel have experience in both software and custom hardware signal conditioning. Any physical property can be measured, recorded and displayed no matter what the environment or location on the globe. Weather the clients requirements are for laboratory or field use, REM will provide the most optimal computer or custom hardware based instrument solution.

Sensor array of capacitance imaging system. One of two arrays which have four levels of 32 sense/excite electrodes. This system allows a 129 pixel spatial resolution of void fraction at each of the four levels. Temporal resolution is 200 frames per second.