REM Engineering Services

REM maintains its own in-house laboratory operations and also provides professional laboratory support to its customers.

Our personnel offer optics lab expertise, where new instruments are built using the latest technology in fiber optics, photo amplifiers and optic lenses.

In order to accomplish our mission of providing high-quality instruments, REM has acquired a multi-purpose, small parts machining facility. Our experienced staff is capable of handling the most specialized of projects while tendering quick cycle time.

Complementing our in-house research capabilities, REM engineers conduct research in a number of other state-of-the-art laboratories. Our primary expertise is in the Cold Flow Circulating Fluidized Bed laboratories at the Department of Energy's National Energy and Technology Laboratory in Morgantown, WV. At this site our engineers provide support for the design and execution of DOE experiments.

In the same line as optics, REM has many years experience in radio technology, and as a result we have become a designer and builder of special purpose antennas. Our engineers have experience in designing and implementing radio frequency shielded room lab facilities for live product electric and magnetic field susceptibility testing.

Recently, REM has also developed a high temperature testing facility. With ovens capable of temperatures as high as 2700F (1480C) we can test materials and designs for these severe conditions. Our test systems are also equipped with temperature measurement instrumentation with which we can derive the temperature gradient across a material as well as other temperature related experimentation.

Our past and current professional laboratory and support operations are always growing in both size and scope. REM welcomes potential customers to contact our operations center at (304) 598-0882 or online at to find out more information on our capabilities and staff.