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Esmail Monazam, PhD.,P.E. President
James Spenik, PhD.,P.E. Engineering Ops and Apps
Christopher Condon, Electrical Engineering
Mark Smith, Chemical Engineer
Amie Heath, Industrial / Safety Engineer
Rupen Panday, Electrical Engineer
Wu Zhang, PhD., Research
Jack A. Fuller, PhD., Business Consultant

Esmail Monazam, PhD,P.E. President
Dr. Monazam has a BS, MS, and PhD in Mechanical Engineering. He has twenty- three years experience in modeling and experimental study while also attaining the licensure of a registered professional engineer. Over the years he has held several unique positions with-in the engineering community such as: an ORAU postgraduate research associate and as an adjunct assistant professor/ researcher for colleges and universities.

Dr. Monazam founded REM in 1999 and continues to lead the business towards innovative and modern engineering practices and technologies. Currently, REM is fulfilling multiple task contracts and subcontracts with Parsons Power and the Department of Energy (DOE) at the National Energy and Technology Laboratory (NETL) under the direct supervision of Dr. Monazam. The strong business relationships and the superior quality of work have allowed Dr. Monazam to dramatically increase his firm in both size and scope. Dr. Monazam also has over thirty publications in refereed journals and conference proceedings. View Dr. Monazam's publications

James Spenik, PhD,P.E. Engineering Operations and Applications
Dr. Spenik has a bachelor's degree in Aerospace Engineering, a master's degree and a doctorate's degree in Mechanical Engineering. He has had thirteen years experience in a variety of related topics including: enhanced heat transfer from oscillating heated jets using experimental and computational methods (Fluent), writing extensive software for data acquisition, experimental evaluation of two-phase turbulent flows, and using laser velocimetry techniques for flow evaluation. He has also worked with the Federal Energy and Technology Center-USDOE, West Virginia University-College of Engineering, and Morgantown Energy Technology Center- USDOE.

Joining the REM team in 2000, Mr. Spenik has contributed to many major projects including: development of capacitance measurement system to detect proportions of gas-solid concentration in two-phase flow, development of capacitance imaging system to visualize spatial and temporal variation of gas-solid concentration, and research concerning cold-flow circulating fluidized beds. He also has five publications all in refereed journals.

Christopher Condon, Electrical Engineer
Mr. Condon has attained a bachelor's degree and master's degree in Electrical Engineering. His prior work experience includes: data systems specialist, RF shielding and grounding engineer, and operating a private computer consultant service. He has worked with an array of computer languages, software, and hardware designs throughout his career.

Mr. Condon's work at REM revolves around the conceptual design and prototyping of innovative electro-optical measurement and sampling solutions. His proficiency in LabVIEW programming has allowed REM to create custom virtual instrumentation solutions for our clients. He oversees all steps of the prototyping process from circuit design to the physical fabrication of the model. He also works heavily with the applications of sensors, small signal measurement devices and data digitization/collection. Mr. Condon has designed REM's new intelligent sensor project that integrates a powerful microprocessor just millimeters from a sensor element. Locating a processor at the sensor multiplies accuracy and control, reduces radiated noise, and provides DSP filtering inside a miniature sensor housing.

Mr. Condon's ability to utilize off-the-shelf equipment in designing new circuitry has enabled REM's prototyping efforts to accomplish innovative advancements that generally would be associated with much larger organizations.

Mark Smith, Chemical Engineer
Mr. Smith earned a BS in Chemical Engineering and an MS in Engineering with an Environmental emphasis. His broad understanding of chemical and environmental engineering-related tasks spans the respective discipline's spectrums. He is extremely knowledgeable in chemical process design and optimization, industrial wastewater treatment, hazardous waste management, water resource engineering, wetland delineation and development. Mr. Smith's environmental experience has included researching the utilization of treated mine water under the NPDES for the development of aquaculture systems. He also played a key role in the development of an environmental audit focused on remediation technology selection for decommissioned army bases under base realignment and closure (BRAC) legislation. He is skilled in multiple modeling programs, including ChemCad, Visual MODFLOW and AQTESOLV.

Mr. Smith became an employee of REM in 2004. His current focus is in catalyst development for two processes: the selective catalytic oxidation of H2S in coal derived synthesis gas for Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) plants, and the reforming of diesel fuel. His work also includes the development of a research database for modeling the recovery of fuel from oil shale while serving as a review engineer for private sector clients in the chemical processing and fuel distribution industries.

Rupen Panday, Electrical Engineer
Rupen Panday is an Electrical Engineer at REM Engineering Services PLLC, Morgantown, WV. He is an ETA KAPPA NU lifetime member. His research interests include modeling, system identification, time series analysis and control; he has published a book, papers in conference and journals in this field.

Rupen works as an Instrumentation and Control (I&C) Engineer for Model Validation Group of Computational Science Division at National Energy Technology Laboratory, US Dept. of Energy, Morgantown, WV. He is a team leader of "Challenge Problem III" where the modelers from all around the world are asked to model the data generated from the NETL & PSRI Circulating Fluidized Beds and the results would be presented at Circulating Fluidized Bed Conference X to be held in Chicago, Illinois, USA, in May, 2011.

Amie Heath, Industrial / Safety Engineer
Mrs. Heath earned B.S. degrees in Computer Engineering and Biometric Systems from West Virginia University, along with a M.S. in Industrial Engineering (occupational safety and health focus). She possesses strong analytical and problem-solving skills that are utilized in promoting industrial safety and compliance. Amie's graduate experience includes working on a National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) project to develop a biomechanical assessment suit, and performing individual research in WVU's ergonomics laboratory to examine the safety of cell phone use while driving.

Mrs. Heath joined the REM team in 2008. Her work is focused on providing R&D support services for workplace safety by working within the NETL Environment, Safety and Health (ES&H) division. Amie is focused on supporting the implementation of the OHSAS 18001 program to ensure the protection of workers, the public and the environment. Her duties include conducting internal programmatic audits/assessments, writing safety procedures and preparing reports, and developing web-pages related to various safety programs at the Morgantown and Pittsburgh sites.

Wu Zhang, PhD., Research Director
Dr. Zhang has a doctorate's degree in both Polymer Composites/ Optical Mechanics and Gas Hydrates. He has worked as a head researcher for the Department of Chemistry at King's College in London for over five years. He was also employed as a professor for colleges and universities in London and the United States.

Dr. Zhang's insightful knowledge has helped build REM's reputation as one of the most innovative and reliable engineering service firms. Along with his teaching experience, he has also co-edited engineering textbooks for higher education and has over forty-seven publications to his name.

Jack A. Fuller, PhD., Business Consultant
Dr. Fuller received a doctorate's degree and master's degree in Business Management with a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering. He has a unique and extremely diversified professional background in numerous consulting areas including: management, decisional support systems /computer systems analysis and design. He has also held administrative positions with colleges and universities across the United States, which consisted of chairperson, director, assistant director and dean in schools of business and economics.

Dr. Fuller's extensive business experience has made him a liaison to REM. He has over thirty funded research grants completed, twenty journal publications, and forty publications in proceedings.

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