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CFCFB-SS Software Description

CFCFB-SS is a Java based software that models the steady state performance of cold flow circulating fluidized beds based on empirical relationships. The software provides the capability to conduct sensitivity analyses through the use of a parametric study tool. The CFCFB-SS software also provides graphical and animated representations of the model results. Results of the parametric studies are easily converted into Excel files.

Also included in the CFCFB-SS software are two modules that model fluidized coal gasification. The above capabilities are also present in the gasification models. One of the modules can be used to predict the behavior of an existing gasification process, while the other is used to design a gasification system based on operating conditions. The gasification codes were also developed from empirical relationships.

The CFCFB-SS software uses a user-friendly interface based on process flow diagrams to organize the various input parameters of the model. Drop down menus and pop up windows are used to show the results of a modeling. Help menus are available that provide descriptions of the various input and output parameters along with how to use several of the software's options. Also included in the CFCFB-SS software are two papers describing the empirical relationships behind the model calculations.

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